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Come to us for CBD Isolate, THC/CBD Distillates, Live Resin, Shatter, Diamonds and other speciality extracts

Extraction Tolling

We can take your biomass and extract it to various products, depending on potency and other factors such as freshness and terpene levels. For example, if you are a hemp farmer, we can take your hemp to CBD distillate or isolate. Our rates and contracts vary depending on quantities and potencies. If you are an LP with cannabis trim or small flower that you would like to have processed to an extract (eg Shatter), we can do a test run to make sure it will run properly and then  either toll your biomass (you pay per input kilo) to extract, or do a 50/50 split where you provide the biomass, we extract it and we both keep 50% of the resulting product.

Retail Sales and
White Labelling Service

Canngroup presently has supplier contracts with the OCS, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia and more coming. If you are a Licensed Producer and do not have a retail sales license, we can take your product into these provinces for a fee of 15% of gross.

If you have a sales license and would like to add a product to your own line but do not have the capacity to produce it, Canngroup can produce and package our various products for you to brand on and sell through your own retail channels.

Clones Vegging

Micros with limited allowable canopy space and Licensed Producers who need more growing capacity have come to us for our clones and vegging service. We have brought in the strains that other license holders desire and vegged them up to the desired height. Our program is simple: $0.50/plant/day and the license holder takes care of the shipping. 


Canngroup has the ability to mother up 2 strains for full cloning production. We currently have one strain in house that we are mothering up for a micro and will be in vegged plant production with them by mid November. We have space for one more strain, depending on the number of plants needed on an on-going basis.

Manufacturing and
Packaging Service

We currently have manufacturing agreements in place where a non licensed producer with a product and brand would like to get their product into the Cannabis arena, without all of the cost, time and hassle of building a facility and becoming a Licensed Producer themselves. Your product will get produced in our facility and be available to the retail market as “Powered by Canngroup”. Contact us for further details.


Do you have product but not enough staff or space to get it packaged? Rate and availability will differ depending on volumes and typed of packaging required.

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