About Us

Canngroup is a
Family and Friends
Funded Private Company

Started in 2017 with an idea to focus solely on bulk cannabis cultivation. A horse barn on 36 acres was purchased and retrofitted into a state of the art, indoor, multi level, LED, grow facility. Since that beginning, CannGroup has pivoted to a full service Cannabis grow and extraction company focused on CBD Isolate processing, bulk THC extracts and  production of white label and retail products with indoor/outdoor cultivation capacity.

Since the beginning, CannGroup’s focus has been on quality, efficiency and a corporate culture with “heart”. Our team is passionate, dedicated, experienced and are excited to be on this journey with us. CannGroup has evolved with the industry and we are now gaining great traction in CBD bulk isolate for edible manufacturers, and rolling out premium hydro carbon concentrate offerings.
Marlin Tobias
President and CEO
canngroup has the following
Health Canada Licenses
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