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Come to us for CBD Isolate, THC/CBD Distillates, Live Resin, Shatter, Diamonds and other speciality extracts

Extraction Tolling Service

CannGroup is your full tolling extraction partner! We have large scale cryo-ethanol and hydro-carbon capacity that can take your hemp and cannabis to crude oil, distillate and isolate.

Retail Sales and White Labelling

CDC can provide our extracts to you as a white labelled packaged product ready for your final labelling. We also offer those without a retail license the ability to take your product to the provincials boards and retail stores.

Clones Vegging ServiceĀ 

We have 10,000 sq.ft. of canopy space and are presently vegging up clones for micros and full scale cultivators. This allows you to make the most of your flowering space and provides access to desirable strains saving you the time and expense of cultivating mothers and preparing clones.

Packaging to Retail

Do you have a product/brand but don't want to go through the time and money to become a licensed producer? We offer manufacturing contracts! Do you have bulk product but need help packaging and retailing? We can help!

Okanagan BC Producer

At Canngroup we excel at both bulk and retail products including our Okanagan Peak brands

CDC Products and our
Partnership Brands
Canngroup Retail Products

Canngroup has various products under their own brand as well as brands "Powered by Canngroup"

Bulk Products

Licensed Producers: we can provide bulk materials for your formulations or bulk finished product for you to package into your brand.

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Family Owned Business

At CannGroup Development Corp. we are dedicated to using the latest methods for higher yields, best quality and ensured return on investment.

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