Retail Products

Okanagan Moon Rock

Okanagan Moon Rock: dried flower coated in THC full Spectrum oil and rolled in THC Keif. 1.5g net weight in CR Jar and CR Pouch. This unique product is well known from the legacy market and it is much sought after in the new legal retail market. 


Okanagan 'CBD' Creamer

50 mg of 99.9% CBD Isolate mixed with 3 grams of powdered creamer. Ready for your favourite drink or for a little sprinkle over your dish.

Okanagan Isolate

CBD Isolate in 1g amounts. This pure CBD isolate can be used either as an inhalant or as an ingredient. Packaged in small child proof jar with beautiful wood like lid and then in CR Pouch. 

TrueNorth Nectar tinctures

We have 2 Nectar tinctures; Nectar 1K (1gram of CBD isolate) and Nectar 500 (.5 gram of CBD isolate): These tinctures are made with CBD isolate and MCT oil in 30ml dosing bottle. 

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